Summer Update June 17, 2010 09:08

The weather has definitely been heating up here in Texas as we enter the first few weeks of June! I'm excited for the new blooms this summer. This summer I'm growing Hydrangeas, roses, violas, and an assortment of greens in my yard. Although the sun is plentiful, we haven't seen the rain in a while so just as a reminder - water your gardens, feed your plants!! I'm sure those who are avid gardeners would not even have to think about that. But I do remember the days when I was a passive gardener and I would for weeks forget to water my lawn... I would suddenly remember one morning, go outside, and see my poor flowers pale and dead.

In any case, we will be hoping to introduce new products and flowers for greetings of grace. There are many BIG updates coming up. We have our webmaster and designer working hard the last couple weeks to come up with a new layout for the site.

Hopefully this will allow our site to be more interactive and user-friendly to showcase some of our specials & promotions.

Until then, Happy pressing!