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10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Pressed Flowers
Ever asked, "What else can I do with Pressed Flowers?". Well, get some new and fresh Pressed Flower Crafts ideas from this list.  
How to Make a Pressed Flower Bookmark
An easy-to-do art project that's perfect for those who's just getting started to work with Pressed Flowers. Find out how to make one here!
How to Frame Pressed Flowers
Make yourself a noteworthy pressed flower craft that you can proudly display on your very own home! Learn the how-tos here!
How to Press Flowers
Pressing flowers? That's just what we do here at Greetings of Grace! Find out how to make some perfectly pressed flowers yourself. Read on!
How to Dry Flowers Yourself
Thinking of using some dried flowers for your art and craft projects? Well, make some yourself by using some of our tips here!

A perfectly easy 5 Step-Tutorial on how to make a simple Flower Press, so you can get started on making some pressed flowers yourself!
How To Use Pressed Flowers - A Simple 5-Step Guide
A simple, easy-to-follow method using supplies that you can find at home. If you're new to pressed flowers, this is a great way to get started!
How long do pressed flowers maintain their natural color?
We are asked this question almost every day -- read on to find out the answer to this important question!
 Are High Mountain Flowers really from a mountain high?
Ever wondered if our "high mountain" flowers really do come from a mountain high? And if so how they get picked from way up there? Read on!
The Perfect Pressed Flower Wedding Invitation
If you are an enthusiastic gardener, a paper crafter, and you happen to be planning your wedding, consider creating your own wedding invitations.
 Top Five Reasons To Get Into Pressed Flower Art
Thinking about picking up pressed flower art as a new hobby? Read this article to find out why that is a great idea!
Getting Started With Pressed Flowers
A few basic techniques and things to keep in mind to help you get started with pressed flowers.
How to store your pressed flowers to keep them in tiptop condition
These simple to-dos will help keep any pressed flower healthy for future projects.
 Greetings of Grace: Our Story
A story about us, and how Greetings of Grace started with the inspiration from our autistic daughter...
The Story of the Pressed Flower
An inspirational story about the meaning behind the pressed flower.