Fall is Finally Here! October 9, 2009 05:15

I love the cold weather! It gets me ready for the holidays because Thanksgiving and Christmas just doesn't feel right when it's not cold outside!

I also love the holiday season because it gives me a chance to make special gifts for friends & families who are in-town or out-of-town.

Last year, I was able to make several framed pressed flower art for not only friends but friends who wanted to give their friends something special. All-in-all 2008 was a very busy season so this year I'm already beginning to prepare.

Some things I like to do to prepare for the holidays:
1. Stock up on supplies.
2. Shop early!
3. Begin planning/creating design ideas in my head.
4. Create a list of friends whom I need to get in contact with.
5. Bring out the warm clothes!

Ever since my oldest daughter got married and left home, each year seems to be more and more valuable to me as I start thinking about when the others will leave home soon to begin a life of their own. Until then though, I still have three more to cherish and well...cook turkey for!