2010 Already?! February 12, 2010 09:08

Lots of new stuff going on at greetingsofgrace!

This year we hope to continue in not only expanding our product line, but also some of the other aspects of our website that our loyal customers have found helpful in. First, we're planning to post new articles that readers may find helpful in their work with pressed flowers. I think there are lots of great resources out there but at the same time we find that some topics have not been answered entirely. So our hope is to publish helpful articles that cover some of the topics like "How pressed flowers are dyed" or "The Different flowers available."

Second, we want to continue and expand our artists' corner. This is something we really enjoy doing -- posting the beautiful works of pressed flower artists all around the world! Not only does this encourage our other readers but it also inspires us! So look for a contest coming up in the Spring :P

Finally, there are some other changes too big to share on this post. But hopefully I'll be able to keep it a secret until we launch!

Til then, happy pressing!