My Story with Pressed Flowers September 28, 2009 16:36

Many people have asked me how I first started getting into the art of pressed flowers. If you haven't read "Our Story", it talks more in-depth of how I got into this. You can read it here --

But basically how I got started into doing pressed flowers is because of my autistic daughter, Gloria. After she came home from the Children's Hospital from a life-endangering incident, I quit my corporate job to take care of family. When I stopped being a realtor to take care of my daughter at home, I suddenly found that I had lots of time on my hands. Around that time, I was also introduced by a friend to the world of flowers being dried and pressed to be used on framed arts, crafts, cards, etc.

I share this part of the story with you all because lately I've found that a lot of people share a very similar story with mine. Some have gone through a tragedy, some have found a lot more time at home, and some were just introduced to this wonderful work of art. But whatever the story, I find the beauty of this art is one that is comforting beyond words.

For me, it comforted me in my times of distress and struggles with my daughter. I would add bible verses to it and just hang them around the house. When people started showing great interest in these frames I had made, I started making them for friends & family. And from there, that's how it eventually became our home business.

That's my story of how I got started into this. What's YOUR story?