Top Five Reasons To Get Into Pressed Flower Art

  1. It's unique enough to make your friends go "Wow"
    While more and more people have discovered the beauty of pressed flowers in the last decade, it is still largely an art form unseen and undiscovered by most people. So chances are that many of your friends and family do not even know about pressed flowers and their many uses, and they will surely be in for a pleasant surprise when they open up your greeting card to find a beautiful real flower placed inside.
  2. Its floral beauty can last for years
    For those who love flowers, they also understand how fragile and temporal the flowers are once removed from their natural habitat. While fresh flowers may last no more than a few weeks, flowers that are dried and pressed will last for years and years to come.
  3. It is perfect for creative minds
    For those people like me who have always dreamed of having a garden, pressed flower art makes that dream a reality on paper & crafts. Even if you don't have a large spacious garden in your backyard, pressed flowers allow you to create beautiful arrangements of flowers on framed art, cards, invitations, and an endless number of other crafts. Daisies don't grow well with bluebonnets? Not a problem! You can have daisies and bluebonnets together using pressed flowers!
  4. It's inexpensive and makes a great hobby
    These days you don't have to grow and press your own flowers to make pressed flower art. You can purchase flowers from people who grow large quantities at a time and do that for a living. Since pressed flowers are inexpensive, it makes purchasing them for your next project pretty affordable. For the same price as your morning coffee, you can have enough flowers to make a small framed art piece or a couple of greeting cards!
  5. For the love of flowers
    Pressed flowers allow us to share what we love with the people we love. When our friends and loved ones give us flowers for special occasions (or "just because"), it makes us feel significant. Why not share that special feeling with even more people? Pressed flowers make great lasting gifts for the people you care about.

Don't Have Time To Press Your Own Flowers?

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