How to Frame Pressed Flowers

Pressed flowers make gorgeous decorative embellishments to all sorts of art and craft projects. Wedding cards, greeting cards, jewellery and even iPhone cases to name a few becomes all the more special with those carefully and beautifully preserved and pressed blossoms.

Make yourself some totally noteworthy art pieces out of them that you can proudly adorn and display on the walls and shelves of your very own home! The best way to do this, arrange them creative patterns inside wood and glass frames and you’ve made yourself a stunning sample of botanical art.


  • Pressed Flowers (You can make some yourself by following this tutorial (How to Press Flowers). If you don’t have the time and resources to do so, check out what we can offer you at our shop!)
  • A Wooden Picture Frame
  • Glue
  • Paper (Parchment, Card Stock, Copy Paper, etc.)
  • Scissors
  • Tweezers
  • Toothpick(s)
  • A small dish or bowl
  • Ruler
  • Pencil


  1. Remove the back and the glass of your Picture Frame. Your picture frame can be of any size that you want. Preferably, use a sturdy wood or metal frame with a glass covering. You can buy some from your local crafts store or from online sources such as

  1. Cut a piece of paper that will fit inside your picture frame. This is where you will later on glue your pressed flowers. With the back of your frame removed, measure its exact size using a piece of ruler (this is only so we can be sure that our paper will fit properly inside our picture frame) and once you have its dimensions, draw it out in your paper using a pencil, with the ruler as your guide, and then cut it out with a pair of scissors.
  1. Make your design. With your paper set, think first of design or pattern for the pressed flowers that you would display on your frame. The design would be totally up to your preference, just be creative and you’re all set! Pattern it out over your frame with a pair of tweezers for your convenience. Don’t glue your pressed flowers just yet as they are quite delicate and once they’re glued, you wouldn’t be able to change them.

Note: If you’re new to using pressed flowers and don’t know yet on how to properly handle them, better get some useful tips and tricks first from our simple 5 step guide.

  1. Glue your design to your paper. With your design already set, you can now start gluing it to your paper’s surface. For your convenience while gluing, pour a just a small amount of glue in just a small amount of glue on a shallow bowl or dish. This saves you from opening your bottle every now and then. Then, with a toothpick, dip one end of it in glue and pick just a little amount of it from the bowl. With your tweezers, apply just a little bit of glue on the underside of to your pressed flowers to make it stick to your paper. For flowers that are quite thick, apply a little bit more glue and some pressure when you stick it to your paper.

Note: Avoid moving your pressed flowers once it’s already been glued to your paper’s surface as pressed flowers are quite delicate. Doing so might ruin your entire work so be really careful when you’re applying glue to your pressed flowers.

  1. Let your pressed flowers to get dry. Once you’re done gluing all the pressed flowers in your design, let it sit and get dry for an hour or so in a cool, dry place with good air ventilation. Once your work is completely dry, put it inside your picture frame. 

  2. Attach again your frame’s mirror and back stand.  For your piece’s final touch, firmly attach or install again your picture frame’s securing screws or tabs, mirror and back stand.
  1. DONE! You now have your own Framed Pressed Flower botanical art piece! Hang it on your wall or just simply place it on  top of a desk or cabinet- preferably somewhere cool, dry and of course, where it can be clearly seen! Its your work after all! Wow your friends every time they pay you a visit with your pressed flower art! 


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