Are High Mountain Flowers really from a mountain high?


Are your high mountain flowers really from a high mountain? If so, how do you pick so many at one time and do you need people to climb to the top to pick them? Just a little curious here!



Dear Lisa,

I'm glad you asked this question. Yes, our high mountain flowers are really picked from mountains that are pretty high! We work with people in many different parts of the world to get unique mountain flowers that cannot be found here in the U.S. Some of the flowers come from mountains that are more than 4,000 meters from ground level to the very top. To give you an idea how high this is, Mt. Fuji, the highest peak in Japan is 3,776 meters. Mount Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa is 5,895 meters.

Anyways, pressing mountain flowers is a very tricky process. The unique thing about getting flowers from the mountaintop is that many of the flowers allow only ONE week once they bloom to be picked before they disappear until next season. On top of that, different flowers bloom at different times throughout the year, so it definitely takes a great deal of knowledge (and a lot of expert flower pickers) to get the flowers you want!

Once the flowers are gathered, they need to be dried and pressed as quickly as possible so that they will not wither. But in the end after everything is done, we're all proud to be able to share the beauty of these high mountain flowers with you -- so next time you'd like a mountaintop flower for your home you don't have to worry about climbing up a 4,000 meter mountain!



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