10 Amazing Things You Can Do With Pressed Flowers

Most people know that dried pressed flowers make awesome additions to greeting cards and invitations, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Pressed flowers also make perfect embellishments for many other types of projects. Here are 10 unique project ideas from some amazingly talented artists – check them out for inspiration and to get your creative juices flowing!

  1. A Pressed Flower IPhone Case

Pressed Flower IPhone Case by Clare McGibbon

Photo by: Clare McGibbon

Yep, you got that right. Make your own pressed flower iPhone case. Wow your friends by transforming a rather dull looking iPhone case into something that sparks with the colors of preserved garden flowers. Add a thin coating of clear epoxy resin for a lasting finish. Read the whole tutorial on how to get this done on Etsy.

  1. Pressed Flower Petal Tea Tray

Pressed Flower Tea Tray by Liz Stanley

Photo by: Liz Stanley

Everybody loves a great cup of tea. Whether it’s on chilly mornings or during long, nippy evenings, a nice warm cup of tea can make everybody’s spirits bright. Why not make the perfect gift for tea lovers with pressed flowers? First, find a simple looking tea tray, then glue your selection of pressed flowers on its surface, let dry, and coat it with a thin layer of epoxy resin. Surprise your fellow tea-lover friends and serve yummy cups of tea and biscuits to them on this delightfully colorful pressed flower tea tray. Read the whole, more detailed tutorial on this blog.

  1. Do-it-yourself Pressed Flower Coasters

Pressed Flower Coasters by The Crafted Life

Photo by: The Crafted Life

Coasters for warm and cold drinks are usually unappreciated objects on the snack-time table. But awesome coasters, particularly decorated with pressed dried flowers, would make great conversation starters. Try making one of your own pressed flower coasters with some neatly polished wood [preferably round], pressed flowers [anything cute and colorful will do — hydrangeas, rose petals, and small leaves work best], and some clear epoxy resin. Check out Rachel’s great tutorial about this craft on her site.

  1. Lanterns/ Luminaria with pressed flowers

Pressed Flower Luminaria with Kelly Wilkinson

Photo by: Kelly Wilkinson, A Practical Wedding

The soft glow of lanterns always adds a magical effect to parties and special occasions. Add a fresh twist to their magical glow by embellishing your lanterns with the vibrant colors of dried greeneries and pressed flowers. Follow Kelly’s tutorial for more detailed instructions on how to get this done right. All you need is some waxed paper, washi tape, an ironing board, and a bunch of pressed flowers, and you’re all set to go!

  1. Pressed flower Jewelry

Pressed Flower Jewelry by Elena Ivanova

Photo by: Elena Ivanova

Pressed Flower crafts can be really rewarding, especially if you can actually wear and show off your work wherever you want to go. Why not make your own awesome looking charms, pendants, and bracelets with your favorite pressed flowers by just following this tutorial or watching this video clip. All you need is a great looking mold (You can buy some at Etsy), some epoxy resin, and of course, pressed flowers!

  1. Jewelry Box with Pressed Flowers

Jewelry Box with Pressed Flowers - Lynn Coulter, The Garden Club

Photo by: Lynn Coulter, TheGardenClub.com

Where better would you put your pressed flower charms, right? Add a bit of nature’s touch to your jewelry box by adding the preserved blooms of the summer and fall. Pressed daisies, garden mums, and zinnias would make the perfect embellishments! Learn how to make yours here.   

  1. Stained Glass Sun Catchers with Pressed Flowers

Pressed Flower Suncatchers by Misilla, Learn to Grow

Photo by: Misilla -Learn to Grow

Catch the warm rays of sunshine in wildly vivid colors with these very imaginative “stained glass sun catchers.” This one is so easy to make that you can actually let your own children or younger siblings make their own. But you’ll need to assist them because you’ll be using a hot iron. All you need is, of course, a frame (you can actually make one using popsicle sticks), some wax paper, glue, and pressed flowers (preferably colorful ones). Find out more about how to make this craft by watching this video.

  1. Framing Pressed Flowers

Framed Pressed Flower Art by Gwen McMullin

Photo by: Gwen McMullin

Make something worth displaying in the living room with pressed flowers. “Paint” with the delicate blooms of dried larkspurs and roses as your canvas and place them in old, classic frames or on stylish new ones. Just unleash your inner Picasso and you’ll do all right! These make perfect gifts as well. Read more about this amazing craft here.

  1. Pressed Flower Sculptures

Pressed Flower Sculptures by Ignacio Canales Aracil

Photo by: Ignacio Canales Aracil

Though this one may be a little hardcore, there’s absolutely no reason why you can’t make your own Pressed Flower Sculptures! These remarkable art pieces made by Spanish artist Ignacio Canales Aracil are actually so fragile that you can actually damage them with just the slightest touch. If you want to make your own version of this amazing craft, read on here.

  1.  Pressed Flower Tattoos?
Pressed Flower Tattoos by TheThinkingHatt.com


Photo by: Thinking Hatt

No, they’re not exactly real tattoos, though they’re close enough. Who would have thought that pressed flowers would make convincing tattoos?! You can either have them done as a necklace pattern or you can do a few outlines of them on your legs or cheeks. The rest is completely up to you! You don’t have to worry though coz they won’t be sticking around forever. They’re gone after just a single wash. Check out how this is done on this website.

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